IMAGINE - Lychee & Peony Candle

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the box. label deluxe IMAGINE candle brings a breathe of fresh air to any home or office.

this candle will infuse your quite space with a delicious vibrant scent of lychee and peony. made in small batches, using natural soy wax.

thick luxurious glassware. hand poured soy wax. wood wick that burns with a slight flicker then once blown out the wax drys to a straight edge (no holes, or mushroom wicks)

great as a gift - free gift wrapping on request.

FREE SHIPPING IN NEW ZEALAND (don't worry, we've got it sorted)

90mm x 80mm
burn time: 40 hours

a good idea is to burn for no longer than 3 hours at a time (ideal scent throw as well). store below 25degrees celsius.

let the wax pool melt to the edge of the glassware every time you burn, this will create a consistent flat edge.

trim the wick by gently breaking off any excess burnt wood wick to 5mm, this prevents black residue in your candle wax and any excess smoke.

please leave out of way of playful kids, hanging curtains and mischievous pets. warning: container may become hot after burning.


Image of IMAGINE - Lychee & Peony Candle